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Even when you’re Jamie Foxx’s kid, Dad can be totally embarrassing

via NY Post: Corinne Foxx has a lot of respect for her celebrity dad, “Beat Shazam” host Jamie Foxx — but he’s not immune to creating cringeworthy moments for Corinne, who takes over as the show’s new DJ for Season 2.

“Whenever he’s dancing to embarrass me, I have to jump in for that,” says Foxx, 24. “When you see the new season and see the relationship between me and my dad, it’s so relatable and funny and I think it brings new energy to the show.

“People get on me because they say, ‘Your dad is so cool’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, but he’s still my dad, so it doesn’t matter how cool he is — seeing him dance on live television is always going to embarrass me.’ Even though he’s this mega-star and triple threat, I bring him back down to Earth.”

Her job as a game show DJ adds a new element to Foxx’s career, which has, to this point, encompassed modeling and acting roles (including MTV’s “Sweet/Vicious”) and a lifestyle website, “Besides being on playlist duty at a birthday party … that was the extent of my DJ skills,” she says. “But I wasn’t mixing anything or creating my own songs [on ‘Beat Shazam’], so what I was doing was fairly simple. It’s a family show, so it made sense for me to join [the show] since me and my dad have such a great dynamic.”

“Beat Shazam,” returning May 29, features three teams (two people apiece) battling the clock to identify hit songs for a $1 million grand prize. The DJ’s role (handled last season by October Gonzalez) is to introduce each song and interact with the studio audience. “I had to learn some new things along the way,” says Foxx. “As the DJ, I’m playing the music and doing a lot of other things — watching the contestants and making sure I’m helping track their money and game play and keeping an eye on my dad and throwing jokes at him. It’s so funny and fast-paced, you get the hang of it pretty quickly.”

Foxx says she doesn’t know which songs she’ll be playing ahead of time, due to stringent game show rules. “They keep that pretty tight, so we can’t know the songs beforehand because, in theory, we could give out clues to people. It’s very closely monitored, which was a surprise.”

Shooting Season 2 of “Beat Shazam” (in December) gave Foxx an up-close-and-personal look at how her father works — and was an eye-opening experience, she says.

“My dad is the most energetic person and I’ve never seen him not go 100 percent, so for me it was a big learning experience,” she says. “Yeah, we were tired, but in between takes he’d be interacting with audience members and singing or playing the piano and even dancing … It was a big lesson for me to learn from him and see how he gives his time and attention even when he didn’t have to.”

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