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Jamie Foxx

Welcome to the unofficial website dedicated to a man of many talents, Jamie Foxx

Current projects

Day Shift

A hard working dad who just wants to provide a good life for his daughter, but his mundane pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income – hunting and killing vampires. You can watch the trailer here.

The movie is currently available on Netflix.

Act Like You Got Some Sense

In this hilarious and heartfelt memoir, Jamie Foxx shares the story of being raised by his no-nonsense grandmother, the glamour and pitfalls of life in Hollywood, and the lessons he took from both worlds to raise his two daughters.

Order your copy here

They Cloned Tyrone

A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy in this pulpy mystery caper. You can watch the trailer here.

The movie is coming to Netflix on July 21, 2023.