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Jamie is filming Sleepless Night in ATL

002Jamie is currently filming the action thriller Sleepless Night in Atlanta, GA. He posted a photo from the set on Instagram of himself and his daughter.

“On the set of #sleeplessnights in the ATL…having fun with my little one #daddydaughtertime kickin it in between scenes #waterfight we are on the set fake pool I have a fight scene in the pool. #makingmovies” – Jamie captioned the picture.

Baran bo Odar’s Sleepless Night is a remake of the 2011 French film Nuit Blanche.

The movie centers on Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx), a seemingly corrupt Las Vegas cop. When gangsters (Dermot Mulroney and Scoot McNairy) kidnap his son as ransom for a shipment of cocaine he stole, Downs races to save his son’s life without getting caught by Internal Affairs and before the mobsters discover that he’s actually lost the goods.

Michelle Monaghan plays an Internal Affairs agent investigating him who ultimately has to decide which side of the law he’s on. The film also stars T.I. and Gabrielle Union.

Sleepless Night is scheduled to shoot this summer in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

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