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Behind the Scenes: Jamie Foxx’s Men’s Fitness cover shoot

Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Jamie Foxx’s cover shoot for Men’s Fitness.

MF’s Dean Stattmann shared some information about the photo shoot:

We shot Jamie Foxx’s Men’s Fitness cover and feature photos in Malibu, California, about 10 minutes away from his west-coast home. Foxx arrived on set singing a hook from Jay-Z’s Magna Carter/Holy Grail that would become his mantra for the entire day: “F—k with me, you know I got it!”

He’s not a shy guy. (And, for the record, yes—he’s totally got it.)

Several set-ups unfortunately didn’t make it into the magazine, like Foxx on a dirt bike, executing jumping 360s in the sand. But my favorite part of the shoot ended up being the opening spread of the story. When Foxx hopped on that ATV, turned the key, and twisted back the throttle, the whole mood of the shoot changed. Hip-hop blaring from a nearby speaker, Foxx drove that thing like a getaway car. At one point he pulled a super tight turn, which kicked up a huge cloud of dust, and then rode through it and emerged right in front of us. It was straight out of a movie.

Foxx brought incredible energy to the shoot, and I really wanted to illustrate that in the story, because it surprised me. Even though it was my first time meeting him, I expected Foxx to be soft-spoken, reserved, and impossibly cool—the way I had imagined based on his impossibly cool characters. Instead, I observed the energy and behavior of an artist. It was a real eye-opening reminder that these guys win Oscars for a reason—they’re top-notch performers and not necessarily anything like the roles they play on screen.

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