5 Replies to “Foxxhole Radio: Quentin Tarantino Interview (Dec. 14, 2012)

  1. Thanks for posting this. Everytime I would listen on XMradio, I would catch the same spot, everytime! Now I can listen to the whole thing. Great interview, by the way. (at least the parts I’ve heard) LOL

  2. Well, Eric everyone saying Django is a real good movie even knowing its 3 hours long its well worth the money to see it. I think you a very awesome guy in so many ways you have done everything you wanted in life so all I can say good has bless you from birth until now and set your path in life to have prosperity.

    Love, Ingrid

  3. Listened to interview several times while shopping over the holidays. Told everyone about it so I’m glad to now have the link to share. Loved the movie as well:-)

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