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Quentin Tarantino Brings 8 Minutes Of Django Unchained To Comic Con

A couple months ago, before any trailers or footage came online, Quentin Tarantino took a trip to the Cannes Film Festival to present the first look at his upcoming film Django Unchained. And now that footage has made its way to Comic Con.

Approximately eight minutes in length, the footage begins with Django (Jamie Foxx) on a chain gang being led through the desert with two men on horses (one of which is James Remar) with guns alongside them. Cutting to night time, the two white men see something in the distance and call out for the person in the distance to show himself. It’s Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), who proceeds to introduce himself along with his horse Fritz. The two men ask him what kind of doctor he is and King looks up at a bobbing tooth on top of his wagon and says, “…a dentist.” He tells the two armed white men that he is looking for a particular slave to acquire and starts going down the row of the chain gang. Towards the end of the line he holds his lantern up to Django’s face and realizes that he is the one that he needs. Remar brings up his shotgun, pointing it at Dr. Schultz and says, “No sale.” King says, “Very well…” and promptly pulls out his own gun and blasts Remar’s head off in great bloody fashion before turning and nailing the horse of Remar’s compatriot. The man screams out to King that he is going to lose his leg, but it’s clear that Schultz couldn’t care less.

The next scene focuses on Schultz’s lack of knowledge about the south. He and Django are riding though a town and everyone on the street is giving them a queer eye. When King asks Django what’s going on, the former slave says that they aren’t used to seeing a black man on a horse. As seen in the trailer, we then see the two sit down in a bar to discuss the bounty hunting business and King’s search for the Brittle brothers. They make a deal where King will help Django find his wife after Django finds and identifies the brothers so that King can kill them.
BR> We then got a glimpse of King training Django to become a bounty hunter. Practicing on a snow man, King says that being smooth is more important than being fast, and being accurate is more important than being smooth. He demonstrates by blasting the hell out of the snow man and some bottles hanging off its arms. It’s then Django’s turn, and he seems to be a natural. “Well, we know you’re faster than the snowman,” King quips.

It then cuts as Django and Schultz enter the plantation of Spencer Gordon Bennet (Don Johnson), who is hostile at first, but changes his tone quickly when King tells him that he knows Bennet is a business man and that he has “Five thousand reasons for the slave owner to talk with them.” Bennet tells one of his female slaves to show Django around the premises while he and King meet. Django, wearing a bring blue shirt and a ruffled collar, has to convince the female slave that he is actually free (she responds by saying, “So you want to dress like that?). The titular hero asks if she has seen one of the Brittle brothers, and she responds that there is one over in the next field (played by M.C. Gainey). Bennet and King watch as Django crosses the field to where the Brittle brother is getting ready to whip a female slave for breaking some eggs. Before he can Django walks up, whips a gun out of his sleeve, and shoots him dead, saying, “I like the way you die, boy.” Brittle falls to the grown with a loud boom.

The rest of the footage involved a lot of Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) who comes across as your classic southern gentleman but one that you can just smell evil on. Most of the scenes are cut straight from the trailer and mostly in montage, but still look fantastic.


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