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Jamie Foxx Says Tarantino Movie Will Be “Historic”

Jamie Foxx, fresh from painful disc surgery, was the last and arguably best guest to arrive at Harvey Weinstein’s pre-Critics Choice Award party at the Chateau Marmont. The shindig, designed to celebrate The Weinstein Company’s many nominees for the Critics Choice and Golden Globe Awards, was the kind where famous faces kept pouring in and out of the Chateau.

Jamie- sporting a scraggly goatee– told all about his recent surgery on the C5 disc–yikes. He said, “My arm didn’t even move, it was dangling.” He demonstrated his pre-surgery condition. Luckily, doctors have repaired him.

Foxx is shooting Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.” He told, “This movie will be historic. People will be talking about in 20 years.”

We also reminisced about his first ever music appearance years ago to Clive Davis’s famous pre Grammy dinner. Foxx was so awesome that Davis signed him. Foxx became a music star soon after. “That was my favorite thing to do,” he said, and added he’d return if Davis asked him. (Clive, that’s a hint.)

2 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Says Tarantino Movie Will Be “Historic”

  1. OMG disc surgery that is a real operation and no joke massing with your back, I would never let any doctor mass with my back. Well love I know you were laid up for a while and in pain so now its time to shave and look like the real Jamie Foxx that I love.

    Miss, I Jackson

    Ingrid Jackson says:

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