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Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America

Air Date: September 26, 2017 (National Geographic)
Director: Rory Kennedy
Jamie Foxx as: narrator
Runtime: 56 minutes
Genre: Documentary
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About The Film

Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America focuses on the deep inequalities in America’s education system that are keeping millions of students in digital darkness. The film, narrated by Academy and Grammy Award winner Jamie Foxx spotlights the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ as it relates to technology in classrooms and presents the emotional and economic impact on students who lack access.

The film presents in-depth interviews with students, parents, educators, administrators and learning experts across the U.S., especially those from disadvantaged areas, and the frustrations, anxieties and challenges of trying to create a modern, tech-focused learning environment to ensure students are prepared to join the global digital workforce. Education experts weigh in on the serious inequalities in access and funding, as well as the need for multi-faceted solutions to close the technology gap.

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