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…And She Was My Eve

Release Date: October 24, 2013
Director: Jamie Foxx
Writter: Allan Loeb
Jamie Foxx as: The Eye Keeper
Stars: Tyrin Turner, Nichole Galicia, Samantha Nagel
Runtime: 16 min
Genres: Short, Romance, Sci-Fi
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Plot Summary

…And She Was My Eve is about a man scarred early in life by unrequited love who works to attain the perfect mate. An intrusive neighbor questions his mysterious lifestyle and the uncertainty of the outside world brings his dreams to a halt. In the end, he may get more then he bargains for.

The film is part of Canon’s Project Imagination, a marketing short film series curated by Ron Howard. This is one of five Celebrity Director films in the project, which were inspired by ten photographs.


I really enjoyed the whole process of picking the pictures. I just came up with the story of it on the spot, when the pictures came through. I wanted it to be weird enough to be a short film… and it turned out great. – Jamie Foxx

I’m not at all surprised just how comfortable he is in the director’s chair. It makes perfect sense to me. He’s worked with some of the great artists of our time and plus, he’s just a guy who understands entertainment on every level. – Ron Howard




  • The film was shot in Brooklyn, New York in May 2013.
  • The film premiered at the Project Imaginat10n Film Festival on October 24, 2013.
  • Jamie wrote the music for the film.
  • Jamie made cameo appearances as The Eye Keeper.


…And She Was My Eve

Behind the scenes