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‘What’s In Your Glass’ with Jamie Foxx

Basketball star Carmelo Anthony has been hosting weekly episodes on YouTube as a part of his “What In Your Glass?” series. In this series, he talks all things wine with other celebrities, and last month him and Jamie Foxx chatted about the trending Netflix movie Uncorked.

After discussing what they’ve both been doing in quarantine and their upcoming projects, Carmelo started rapid-firing questions to Jamie about his wine preferences and what he usually drinks. 

During the chat, Foxx confesses that he wanted to learn about wine to impress girls at first, but it soon became clear he needed expert advice on the basics, such as how to hold a glass. He turned to Datari Turner, a close friend who also happened to become a producer of Uncorked, which follows the journey of a young somm-in-training.

Watch the entire episode of ‘What’s In Your Glass’ below.

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