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Jamie answers questions on Twitter

itunesmoviesJamie Foxx took to Twitter on Thursday to answer questions about Electro.

How did it feel to be a villain for The Amazing #SpiderMan 2?

Playing Electro was so much fun. You get to color outside of the lines when you play bad.

What originally drew you to the part of Max Dillon/Electro?
I’ve always been a SpiderMan fan & this project was especially interesting to me because of the other actors n it. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, @danedehaan are all compelling to watch as actors before they even put their suits on.

Did you prep for this character in a different way than previous roles?
I had to get in shape to wear the Electro suit. Had to back up off pancakes for bfast if you know what I’m sayin.

How did it feel to go toe-to-toe with Spider-Man?
Man it was so much fun. We had a blast on set. And Andrew and Marc Webb and all those guys were great enough to let me bring my little daughter. She got to wear her Spider-Man costume while I had my Electro suit on.

After his transformation, do you think there’s any humanity left in Electro?
In this film, Electro hasn’t fully formed yet. You see him just out of the cage, where he grabs a black suit great is that this is setting up for something larger in the Spider Man franchise.

What was your favorite scene to film?
I loved playing Max. Anytime you get to disappear in a role is amazing. I wanted to be the first black man in a film with a combover hairdo. But really that’s what I’d look like if Jamie Foxx didn’t make it in Hollywood.

Your daughter is a huge Spider-Man fan. How excited is she to see it in theaters?
Shes so excited. We actually got the call that I was going to be in the movie during her 4th birthday which was.
Spider-Man themed. She loves Spider-Man but she is also rooting for Electro…she knows Daddy pays the bills.

Who was your favorite comic book character growing up?
I loved Spider-Man as a kid going back to the old television show Electric Company w/ Morgan Freeman. I also am a big fan of Spawn.

What was it like working with Andrew and Emma? And how long did it take to put on the Electro suit?
Andrew and Emma are fantastic. They are both really great actors at the top of their game.Electro makeup took about 4.5 hrs in beginning. Got it down to 1-2 when it was just head & hands.

How did you manage to handle ‘two’ characters with such contrasts in character so well?
Always say anytime you get to flex your acting muscle in a project is great. I loved playing both Max & Electro because I had a chance to really get into the journey of the character. Max was misunderstood & down on his luck. He makes a couple wrong turns & ends up as Electro even though he didn’t start out being bad.

If you weren’t Electro what Spidey villain would you play?
oh man I dunno. I loved playing Electro so much I can’t imagine being any other Spidey villain.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of music/acting?
Sports. I love to play basketball, football, even ping pong. I just really suck at bowling.

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