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Project Imaginat10n: Behind-the-Scenes & Interview

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at Jamie Foxx and crew as they prepare to shoot his Project Imaginat10n film.
More videos after the cut.

Watch below Jamie Foxx’s one-on-one interview with Ron Howard, where they discuss Jamie’s directorial debut, improvisation, and the importance of being able to trust actors.

2 thoughts on “Project Imaginat10n: Behind-the-Scenes & Interview

  1. Its refreshing to know that Jamie Foxx is interested in directing his own production, this just means he’s seeking out in the near future another statue from the academy but this time from another category which is genius . I went to a taping back in the day of “In Living Color” in the mid 80’s and when I saw the show, Jamie was definitely one of the noticeable standouts his comedic range was off the charts and he sung too,” phenomenal ” I, on the other hand I’m a extra actor who always wanted to be a featured star I’m not a triple threat like Jamie but if given the chance, I know I’d make featured acting an consistent occupation for myself .I currently moved back to NY, Brooklyn because I couldn’t harness the moment wasn’t aware of living in the moment yet outside the bubble, then.

    Frank Chisholm says:
  2. Well as you get older its good to move your career into other avenues of your career so you can sit back and see your master pieces make money instead of being an actor but be the one to make the lines for the actors and actresses and make the sets, costumes, who going to play each character so what a good direction for your career, Jamie.

    Ms, Ingrid Jackson

    Ingrid Jackson says:

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