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Jamie Foxx Directs: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Jamie Foxx has proved himself as a multidimensional star as a successful actor and singer, but he’s now adding another accolade to his showbiz career: directing.

As part of Canon’s “Project Imaginat10n,” Foxx stepped on the other side of the camera to call out shots and direct a film in New York under the tutelage of legendary director Ron Howard.

The Beautiful Mind director assured that Foxx was doing well behind the camera.

“I’m not at all surprised just how comfortable he is in the director’s chair. It makes perfect sense to me,” Howard evaluated. “He’s worked with some of the great artists of our time and plus, he’s just a guy who understands entertainment on every level.”

Foxx also cited his grasp of entertainment and affection for the arts as his qualification for being a director.

“I work in a different way. I don’t know all the camera lenses and things like that…but what I tell people [is], ‘Don’t feel scared about it,'” the 45-year-old entertainer said. “As long as you have a great story and as a long you have no fear, jump in with both feet and have a great time.”

While not too much is revealed about Foxx’s project, he labels it as “movie/music video/silent film.”

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at Foxx directing.

His film, alongside other celebrity-directed films from the likes of Eva Longoria, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and fashion designer Georgina Chapman, will premiere at Canon’s “Project Imaginat10n” Film Festival in the fall.

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