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Garcelle Beauvais: “Jamie Foxx And I Made A Pact We Wouldn’t Date”


Many longtime Jamie Foxx fans can recall his onscreen chemistry with actress Garcelle Beauvais during the course of five seasons on “The Jamie Foxx Show.” Well the dynamic pair will reunite, this time on the silver screen as husband and wife for the action thriller, “White House Down,”which stars Foxx as President James Sawyer and Beauvais as The First Lady.

The actress made a special appearance on HuffPost Live yesterday, where she discussed her latest role and addressed suspicions of whether or not her working relationship with the Academy Award-winner ever led to any personal romance.

“It’s funny, because when we worked together we had made a pact that we weren’t going to date, because it would be awkward,” she explained to host Jessica Sanoh. “If it didn’t work out and we still have to work together that wouldn’t be…so I got engaged two weeks before the show wraps. And he was like, ‘you couldn’t wait!?’ But now, we’re like brother and sister. We have a great relationship, so I wouldn’t want to mess that up.”

1 thought on “Garcelle Beauvais: “Jamie Foxx And I Made A Pact We Wouldn’t Date”

  1. I think she’s correct about dating someone thats considered s best friend,its very awkward. Unless each are mature enough to handle the hurt f doesn’twork out. We can’thelp who we fall in love with.

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