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2 thoughts on “Jamie on Craig Ferguson (Video)

  1. Jamie.. Hi I am Jamie lady
    My dad.James wanted his her Jamie ..Dang
    Me..but my Grand baby one yr.
    Old ..Has all to be rite beside
    U as ur twin/son..legs,walk.
    The Boss Walk..Body Demeanor
    Stands..Low Hipped..Not talk g
    Much… butt. Rock the H E L L!!!
    Out of a FRO..Twist.. Braids..
    Please.. Please Plz..make contact.
    And we are working on the potty
    Training.. Sweet.. ur Sis Jamie..

  2. WiECraig Ferguson is the Sh#-%..I started watching him
    Early on..Never seen him Stand-up.. His later nite was
    Always More times than few ..would hv problems..
    No sounds.. just pix..cut screen.. but never any other program s
    ..I would be a HOT SISash…and in a BAD way..after waiting
    Up late go to his show Lol..
    It’s been admin. On line watching.. Jamie/Django..Christma
    Every ting, You, the set, the leathery was right and tight.
    Fox always brings it.!!!Autograph

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