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Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington react to Django Unchained Oscar nominations

The nominees for the 2013 Academy Awards were announced today. “Django Unchained” grabbed five nominations for best picture, supporting actor (for Christoph Waltz), cinematography (Robert Richardson), sound editing (Wylie Stateman) and original screenplay (Quentin Tarantino). Congratulations!

Unfortunately, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio were all unrecognized for their critically acclaimed performances. Additionally, Tarantino was not named in the Best Director category. sat down to discuss those omissions with Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington this afternoon, and you can see their reactions below.

Click here  for a complete list of nominees.  The 85th Academy Awards will air on Sunday, February 24.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington react to Django Unchained Oscar nominations

  1. I understand Kerry and Jamie expressing how it is not important to chase an award, yet I feel it is truly deserved. The cast was awesome. As for Django Unchained, Quinten is brave to do such a movie. Although certain actors were not nominated, your reward is bigger than a statue for your fans, family, and friends recognize the all star talent throughout the movie. Job well done! By the way, congratulations to Denzel Washington for his nomination.

  2. Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio deserved nominations – and Oscars for their brave performancesn. What was the Academy thinking? We’re very appreciative of their amazing talent and courageousness in taking on these challenging roles and providing exceptional entertainment. But more than that, Quentin Tarantino also deserves credit for allowing the audience to experience the horrors of slavery while allowing us the pleasure of the fantasy of revenge. Reminds me of the old and wonderful Charles Bronson Death Wish films. I yelled and screamed with relief when the bad guys got what they deserved. What a fantasy.

    Arlene Antonoff says:

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