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Canon: Project Imagina10n

As I mentioned earlier, Jamie Foxx signed up to take part in Canon and Ron Howard’s “Project Imaginat10n” campaign. The Oscar winner actor will direct a short film based on consumer photographs entered in Canon’s contest.

“When I saw what Ron Howard was doing last year with Canon, I knew the project had integrity. Ron is a film icon and after he made a cameo in one of my music videos, it was only appropriate that we team up a second time for something truly outstanding” Foxx said in a statement.

Users wishing to submit their photos to Canon’s “Project Imaginat10n” contest must choose one of 10 storytelling-related themes: setting, time, character, mood, backstory, relationship, goal, obstacle, the unknown and a 10th theme to be announced. The winning images will be chosen this fall by Howard and Canon and through community voting on the Canon website. The deadline for the contest is Sep. 24.

The film will premiere in 2013 at the Project Imaginat10n Film Festival.

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