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Jamie Foxx is going on a comedy tour next year!

Grammy and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx brought his Foxxhole Comedy Jam to Atlantic City over the weekend. The actor/musician joined Billy Sorrells, Luenell, Gary Owen, Bill Bellamy, Lavell Crawford, Rob Stapleton and Donell Rawlings for a radio show and performances at Caesars Casino.

After his comedy jam show in Atlantic City, Foxx hosted the after party inside Harrah’s Resort’s nightclub The Pool After Dark. Foxx dished about his comedy, upcoming tour, the possibility of teaming up with Chris Rock and what it was like working with Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Waltz and Kerry Washington on Quentin Tarantino’s western “Django: Unchained.”

You’re back in Atlantic City for the second Foxxhole Comedy Jam. How did it go?

It was fantastic! A lot of funny comedians giving people a chance to let off some steam, enjoying themselves. It was real good.

Atlantic City is a great East Coast location close to Philadelphia and New York City; did you have any friends come down?

Yeah, I had friends come down from Philly, people from Delaware, DC, New York—it was really fantastic, and we want to do it bigger and better next year.

Any plans to go on a comedy tour?

We’re going to go on tour the middle of next year with all these guys that I’ve been doing these gigs with–Lavell Crawford, Speedy, Johnny Mack and people in the Foxxhole–so you know never stop doing jokes.

Will you be teaming up with Chris Rock?

I would love to if he wants to, but I got another group of guys that’s just as dynamic, and we’re going to go get.

What was it like working with Quentin Tarantino and the all-star cast on the upcoming western “Django: Unchained”?

“Django” is one of the most intense movies I’ve ever worked on. Quentin Tarantino is a cinematic genius. Leonardo DiCaprio—beast! Samuel Jackson—beast! Chris Waltz—beast! Kerry Washington—beast, beast! Every day we went into work, it was like an actor’s workshop.

Source: CBS

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