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5 Questions With Jamie Foxx

You must have enjoyed yourself last year for the July 4th holiday because you are back with your Foxxhole Comedy Jam, this time with live broadcasts of your Sirius XM radio show and hosting a party. What brought you back to AC again for the holiday?

People just had such a great time there. I got e-mails, ‘You coming back?’ I said ‘Of course we’re coming back.’ I’d like it to be an annual thing. It’s a lot of fun, people like to blow some steam off. Drive in from wherever you’re at — New York, Philly, D.C. — get to Atlantic City and come kick it.”

What will be the highlight of this visit for you?

I don’t know. Every time we do our comedy on the radio, it’s always fantastic. People are dropping in. People are saying the wrong things but it’s hilarious because its Sirus Radio so we don’t have the restrictions most radio stations have. It’s always colorful. And when it comes to the stand-up comedy show. I’m looking forward to Tony Rock. He’s got some brand new fresh jokes that I’ve heard about that are just going to bring the house down. That’s what it’s all about. When you get a roomful of comedians together, no telling what’s going to happen.

You are a part of one of the biggest movies coming out at Christmas Django Unchained. The trailer has been an Internet sensation. How excited were you when you got the part?

To be honest with you, I really didn’t know about the project until late into the [casting] process. I got a chance to meet Quentin Tarantino. When we met him we didn’t even talk about the script. I told him that the script was amazing, the realness of it. We’ve never seen a movie that is a western, that is a love story that is set in slavery times. But we talked about me growing up in the south, experiencing certain racial things. I think what really closed the deal was the fact that it is a cowboy movie and I have my own horse. My horse is actually in the movie. He just thought that was the coolest thing.

I feel a bit like Quentin. You have your own horse?

Yes. I got a horse about four or five years ago on my birthday. Her name is Cheetah. When we started working on the movie since we had to ride a lot of horses, I said, ‘Can I try my own horse?’ My horse was able to pick up all the different tricks. After a few months Cheetah was like Trigger, like she was born to do it.

What was it like working with this amazing cast?

I was very excited to be working with Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Kerry Washington brings the house down and Quentin. It was like coming to work at an all-star game. These people was absolutely at the top of their game.

What else is coming up in your career?

I’ve got another film role coming up called White House Down. I play the President of the United States and Channing Tatum is a Secret Service agent. We have to fight our way out of the White House after it is taken over. It was interesting going from playing a freed slave to President of the United States.

Source: Atlantic City Weekly

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