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Jamie & Corinne at the anti-bullying event

Every day, more than 100,000 students skip school in the United States because they fear bullying by their classmates.

This is National Bullying Prevention Month and a motivational speaker who calls himself “Mr. Mojo” is touring the country to try to change that. “Mr. Mojo,” who is also known as Travis Brown, spoke to students in private school in Chatsworth at the behest of senior Corinne Foxx, who had surveyed her schoolmates and found more than a quarter of them believed bullying was a problem at the school.

Corinne Foxx, whose father is the actor Jamie Foxx, said she wanted the anti-bullying tour to come to her school and speak to her classmates because “they listen better to someone else’s voice.”

“I wanted to create an environment that was safe at our school,” she said, admitting she, too, had been the victim of bullying.

Her father said fame and fortune don’t stop bullying.

“Kids will go through the same things” whether or not the family is well-off or well known, he said.

He said he was proud of his daughter for trying to help.

“I’m sure that what she’s doing here this week is helping somebody, somewhere quietly,” he said.

Source: NBC LA

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