Jamie Foxx Hopes to Produce, Direct Jesse Eisenberg in New Movie

Jamie Foxx and Jesse Eisenberg lend their voices to the animated film Rio, opening Friday, but Foxx is hoping it won’t be the last time the two work together.

Foxx is hoping to collaborate with The Social Network star again on a movie from his new production company, No Brainer.

Foxx said, “I got my fingers crossed that he will accept and we’ll do something fantastic together and I’ll be on the other side of the camera producing and possibly directing him in this really, really clever movie that I have.”

Foxx’s production company also recently shot what he calls a “teaser pilot” for NBC titled Tommy’s Little Girl, starring Selma Blair, Tony Sirico and Paul Sorvino.  Foxx calls the project his “video business card” that will allow him to establish himself as a producer. 

Jamie Foxx talks music, animation and the Oscar

As an Oscar winning actor and a Grammy winning singer, Jamie Foxx is willing to take on new challenges with his two passions: acting and singing.  His latest foray, Rio (in theaters April 15), has him working both.

In Rio, cerulean- colored macaw, Blu (voiced by Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg) and his human companion, Linda (Leslie Mann), are invited to Rio de Janeiro so Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), a bird scientist in the exotic city, can mate the domesticated and last remaining male, Blu, with the last remaining female, Jewel (voiced by Oscar host Anne Hathaway).  When Blu and Jewel are given some private time to get to know each other, they are kidnapped by poachers looking to score money for a pair of rare birds.

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