New Verizon ad

Verizon has released a new commercial with Jamie.

New Verizon ad with Jamie Foxx

Verizon has created a new commercial featuring Jamie Foxx. During the ad, Jamie and a “double” explain the difference between Verizon’s LTE coverage and Sprint’s LTE coverage.…

New iPhone 6s Ads

Apple just released two new iPhone 6s television ads featuring Jamie Foxx interacting with the personal voice assistant Siri:

Under Armour’s New TV Spot

Under Armour, Stephen Curry and Jamie Foxx team up again in a new campaign to launch the Curry Two shoe. The brand first debuted an ad…

Oude Meester commercial

Jamie Foxx is the new face of Oude Meester, The South African brandy. Check out the commercial below, which was shot in Cape Town in…